Our Local

We try to buy food that's made or grown as local/regional as possible to where we live. This isn't all or nothing and it isn't about being perfect. We do the best we can within our budget. And hey, we still enjoy tropical fruit, nuts, olive oil, chocolate and coffee.

Keep in mind too that "local" is wherever  you are - so when we travel "local" changes with the location.

Our home base is in Connecticut, so for the most part, that's our "local" and essentially, we use a 100-mile radius as a starting guideline.

Why local?

First and foremost, it's fresher and you can taste the difference. Second, we like to know where our food comes from and by sourcing our food locally we can get to know the farmer and how our food was grown/raised/produced. Third, it keeps our money local too and supports people directly where we live/work/stay.

We try to spread our local food love around, but these are a few of our favorite spots:

Farmer's Markets

Bethel Farmers Market
Citycenter Danbury Farmer's Market
Gossett's Farm Market
Litchfield Hills Farm Fresh Market
New Milford Farmers Market

Farm Stands

Holbrook Farm Market and Bakery
Millstone Farm
Daisy Mac Gardens
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